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Black Bear Life is the first full-stack next generation life insurer. We are revolutionizing the way life insurance is bought, sold, and underwritten. We are the only life insurer that issues 100% of policies from preferred best to impaired risk in less than 10 minutes without medical exams or blood tests.

Over the next 5 years it has been estimated that over 25% of the existing 1.4M agent work force will retire adding to an existing staffing crisis. Historically, less than 10% of new agents make it past the 2-year mark which has resulted in exorbitant training and onboarding costs for brokerages and carriers.

Our product was developed to solve these problems by providing a fast, easy and profitable way for agents to grow their client lists. Life insurance is the only product where all demographic groups share the same top concern when buying, working with a professional to make sure they get suitable coverage at the best price. Historically, it’s the most difficult financial services product to sell due to the long arduous process and friction caused for agents and their clients. BBL’s term product was designed so agents can easily deliver a great CX and double their closing rate while reducing the time to issue from 6-12 weeks to 7-minutes. This significantly increases the agent retention which lowers training and onboarding costs to create immense cost savings for the carriers & brokerages.

We believe it is important to improve the life insurance experience for all stakeholders, so more Americans can easily get the coverage needed to protect their families.

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